Central Forest International School Preschool & Kindergarten セントラルフォレスト インターナショナルスクール

About us 私たちの学校について


High quality education in a fun, safe environment

CFIS is a great school for kids to start their early years. Our progressive, fun and child-centered approach encourages learning through discovery and exploration. As well as covering traditional subjects integrated into our IEYC curriculum, children attending CFIS also have ballet, swimming, gym, Japanese and music as special subjects. Our classrooms are bright providing the children with a pleasant, comfortable and stress-free environment.

Our awareness of safety issues and age-appropriate lesson planning means that children attending our school are able to thoroughly enjoy their early years’ experience. Kids at CFIS are able to learn naturally at their own pace under the guided supervision of experienced teachers and staff. As well as running a multitude of classroom activities, we also have a gymnasium where gym and other special subject lessons take place. We have our own outdoor playground which is only a short bus ride away. Children love to run, play ball and let off steam during playground times.


CFISでは安全性を最優先に、各年齢に適した授業を展開し、発育・発達の著しい幼児期の子どもたちが、楽しく充実した時間を過ごせるように配慮しています。経験豊富な教員のもと、子どもたちはそれぞれのペースで自然に学び成長していきます。教室での様々な授業やクラス活動、ジムでの体操に ダンス、園庭での外遊びもスケジュールにバランスよく含まれています。 スクールバスで数分の距離にある園庭では、子どもたちはボールを追いかけ、元気に走り回り、めいっぱい体を動かしています。

  • 100% English speaking environment. (30% of our students are native English speakers)
  • For safe and effective learning, an appropriate number of students are accommodated in each class.
  • Learning takes place in a relaxed, steady and progressive manner.
  • Pleasant learning atmosphere facilitated by licensed and experienced teachers.
  • Uses an internationally accredited curriculum (IEYC)
  • Offers special academic subjects and sports such as Language arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Ballet, Gymnastics, Swimming and Japanese language.

  • Offers extension programs for CFIS students from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Welcomes CFIS graduates and non-CFIS returnees to our Advanced English Conversation afterschool classes.
  • Earthquake-proof building, over 600sq.m with Gymnasium and Library
  • Facilities include:
    • AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), air conditioning, air purifiers and humidifiers, school bus. Lunch and snacks are also provided.
  • 100%英語環境(園児の1/3は、英語を母国語とする子供たちです。)
  • 安全性と学習効果を高めるための少人数制
  • リラックスしながら、ゆっくりじっくり学べる環境
  • 豊富な資格と経験のあるネイティブ教員によるクラス
  • 国際的なカリキュラムIEYCに基づく教育
  • 学科目、スポーツすべてを英語で実施
    • 算数、理科、社会などの教科をすべて英語で行う他、専門家によるバレエ、体操、水泳などのクラスもすべて英語で行われます。
  • 日本語の読み書きのクラスは日本語で行われます。
  • 早朝・延長保育あり( 7:30-9:00 および 14:30-17:30 )
  • 卒園生、帰国者対象の集中上級英会話プログラムあり
  • 耐震構造対応校舎、600平米を超える広々スペースに、体操場、ライブラリを完備
  • バイリンガル看護師常駐。AED装置、冷暖房、空気清浄機、加湿器完備。スクールバス、昼食サービス(別料金)あり。
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